Nicholas Howard is an experienced Regulatory Specialist and Project Manager who holds the role of Senior Planner. Mr. Howard holds a Masters in Environmental Law and Policy from Vermont Law School and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Economics and Policy from Michigan State University. He has over 12 years of hands-on environmental regulatory compliance experience and has worked as a coordinator for the Environmental Specialist Division with a primary focus on water quality and compliance audits. He has worked with clients on regulatory issues throughout United States and has successfully aided clients to return to compliance and to maintain their compliance standing with numerous regulatory agencies.


  • Master in Environmental Law and Policy, Vermont Law School.
  • Bachelor of Environmental Economics and Policy, Michigan State University.
  • Study Abroad Program in New Zealand

Skills and Areas of Expertise:

  • Water Quality permitting
  • Project Management
  • Compliance audits and site assessments
  • Agency Representation
  • Technical Writing, training and research
  • Work Place Hazards